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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How hard is it the drive a Monster Truck?
A: Driving a Monster truck is surprisingly easy. Your instructor will take sufficient time to review all facets of the truck safety procedures...and approve your skill before letting you out on the course. The truck is automatic (just gas and brake, always going forward no need to back up)...However, the 4 wheel steering takes some getting used to, but is great fun when mastered...and jumping just takes practice. 

Q: How high are the jumps? 
  The "Bump Jumps" range in height up to 4' and there is one car jump (1/2 car high). 

Q: What should I wear and what should I bring? 
A: Comfortable clothing, full leg shorts. Full foot cover foot wears that tie; no flip-flops or open shoes...And possibly a change of underwear.

Q: Will there be other trucks on the road course at the same time as me? 
A:  No, there is only one truck. You are the only truck on the course and there is no racing. 

Q: How long is the "Road Course"? 
A: Approximately 1/4 mile around.

Q: What type of truck will I drive? 
A:  This is a real, full size, professional Monster Truck (Retired) This truck professionally toured the country as "The Nite Stalker" and has won many events while campaigning all across America. The "Blue Buzzard" as we have named the truck, is equipped with 4 wheel steering and a 671 "Blown" 496 cu. in. big block Chevy engine. The Trans is a Turbo 400 3 speed automatic transmission. The suspension is 20 ton Clark and the tires are 66" tall. The truck has been "detuned" for easier handling and safety purposes. 

Q: What safety equipment is supplied? 
A: You will be provided with a safety suit and safety helmet, and the driver is harnessed in a 5 point safety seat belt.

Q: How can I communicate with my instructor while driving? 
A: Your safety helmet is equipped with a mike and headset, as is your instructor, so there is constant communication at all times. Your instructor also has a safety "Kill Switch" if needed.

Q: How do I sign up to drive? 
A: Call our office at 203.438.4957 and we will be happy to assist you is scheduling an appointment.

Q: What does an "Appointment" consist of? 
A:  An appointment lasts up to 2 hours or 8 laps around the Road Course...whichever comes first. Inclusive of the 2 hour time period there is a full safety and truck operation instruction.

Q: What should I bring with me to my appointment?
A:  Our insurance carrier requires you show a valid license before being allowed to drive the Blue Buzzard on the Road Course. 

Q: Can I bring alcohol or drugs on site? 
A:  Don't ask stupid questions.

Q: Can I bring guests?
A: Yes, all guests are welcome, however there is only one seat in the truck and no passengers are allowed.

Restaurants and Hotels

Q: Are there any nearby motels? 
A: Yes, there is...The Wyndham Southbury 1284 Strongtown Rd. Southbury, CT 06488 (203.598.7600) is very nice and very reasonable, offering an indoor pool and restaurant on site. They are pet friendly, offer laundry service, and the hotel is about 10 miles from our location. Exit 16 off I84. Also check air B&B.