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Blue Buzzard In the Dirt

Monster Truck Driving Experience in Bethlehem, CT

Who hasn't seen a monster truck and wondered what it's like to drive one? Stop wondering and get behind the wheel with help from Now you can experience the monster truck driving experience in Bethlehem, CT, at our authentic course for you to put our beast The "Blue Buzzard" to the test. From tight turns to wild donuts turns and even a few car jumps, you won't find a track like ours anywhere else. 

Make an appointment by calling our office at 203-438-4957 for a monster truck driving experience that'll leave you buzzing with adrenaline long after your laps are over.

Monster Truck Engine Get Behind The Wheel Of A Real Monster Truck in Hartford, CT Track

Meet Your Ride: The "Blue Buzzard"

Get behind the wheel of a real monster truck when your training is complete. Our truck The "Blue Buzzard" is built to the same standards as the professional monster trucks you see in the championships with 5 1/2' tall X 4' wide tires, nitrogen shocks, and a 3-speed automatic transmission. She's been tuned down just a bit to be more controllable for novice drivers. Otherwise, Blue Buzzard has all the power of a genuine motorsport vehicle. 

Like other monster trucks, The "Blue Buzzard" is a 4X4X4, meaning 4-wheel drive with 4-wheel steering or total vehicle control (TVC). TVC is quite challenging to master, but you'll get a taste of the possibilities with our monster truck rental. Blue Buzzard also has a raging "big block" blown Chevy engine that sits directly behind you to push out massive horsepower. Just a light tap on the accelerator pins you back in the seat and sends the truck flying into the air. 

Our goal is to give you an authentic monster truck driving experience in Bethlehem, CT, that's also as safe as possible. That's why we provide a 30- to a 45-minute training session before you begin. In addition, you'll always wear a special safety helmet equipped with a microphone and headset, and your instructor will be in constant communication with you at all times. Your instructor also has a "kill switch" to use if necessary. 

Monster Truck Driving Experience in Hartford, CT
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